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1) Customer hires a clean equipment but gives it back dirty, the cleaning is charged to us.
2) When the equipment is brought out of our store we always considered that it has been used.
3) Customer has to be present on the inventory of the delivered equipments that takes place in our store or in the destination place. If customer, or a delegate, is absent future protests are not admitted.
4) The Gran Galà Noleggi and its customer will decide the most convenint day, hour and place for the delivery and the collection of the equipment. We deliver and collect it on the ground floor (nearest to our vehicle) or in other established places, this costs € 15,00 + VAT per hour and per worker.
5) Customer has to give back the equipment inside its appropriate container and without solid or liquid wastes. If the collected equipment it is not accurately tidied customer has to pay € 15,00 + VAT per hour spent by our staff.
6) If our store, after the cleaning and repristination, finds that the equipment is broken or that some parts are missing, customer has to pay its cost price.
7) The material hire is only for one day but according to previous agreements more days can be spent for the delivery and the collection.
8) If customer wants to hire the equipment for more than one day, the Gran Galà Noleggi will grant some discounts on the daily cost.
9) If for causes not due to the Gran Galà Noleggi, the customer doesn't give back the equipment according to the agreed conditions, the daily price has to be payed also for the days of delay.
10) In case of incidents and damages to our equipment and vehicles, difficulties in purchasing raw materials, lack of electrical energy, strikes or anything else and in all cases of force majeure that don't depend on Gran Galà Noleggi the firm can suspend or annul the orders. Customer doesn't have the possibility to put forward claims of damages.
11) From the delivery to the collection of the hire equipment customer has the responsability of possible thefts and/or acts of vandalism against it.
12) Unless different conditions established between Gran Galà Noleggi and its customer the terms of payment are: 30% at the moment of the order, 30% on good delivery and the balance within 30 days of invoice. In case of non-payment according to the agreed terms, the delay interests have to be payed.
13) At the moment of the order and after agreements between Gran Galà Noleggi and its customer it is possible to request a bank guarantee or a cheque to cover completely the hire equpment.
14) The delivery and the collection take place in our store but Gran Galà Noleggi can also deliver and collect the equipment in other Italian places according to the customer requests. The cost is € 15,00 + VAT per hour and per needed worker. Customer has to pay also € 0,30 per each km travelled by our vehicles that leave from the store located in Viareggio (Lu), on the whole, four travels per vehicle, the return travel both for delivery and for collection. According to the quantity of ordered material and to the distances, it is possible to grant some discounts on transport that have to be agreed each time between Gran Galà Noleggi and its customer.
15) In case of disputes the competent organ is the Court of Lucca.

Gran Galà Noleggi - Via Nostra Signora, 21 Capezzano Pianore, Camaiore (LUCCA) - e-mail: info@grangala.it

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